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  1. I searched your site for the information on how Projectors can sleep well next to Generators, but the link was broken/not found. How can I find out what it is?

    Also, I’m curious to know more about HDS – I recently had a healing session with someone who was also an HDS practitioner, and she looked up both my chart and my twin flame husband’s chart, saying I’m a Generator and he’s a Projector. But her description to him if a Projector fit me PERFECTLY as well, so I’m confused. When she said we should sleep apart once or twice a week, I nearly cried – we sleep like sea otters, holding hands!! We CANNOT sleep apart! Also, he sleeps fine with me next to him, while my sleep has been less than optimal since we began sharing a bed. Nothing will keep us from sleeping close, ever, so we really need a coping mechanism, if there’s any validity to this Human Design System. (Still investigating….)

    • Hi Karen,

      We are now over at . I’m not sure if the information you’re looking for can be found easily, so I’ll fill in the gap here. The guideline to sleep in your own space is for the purposes of waking up as yourself. If we’re sleeping within 12 ft of another person we are being conditioned by their energy field. It really does help to spend significant time alone, whether or not you are sleeping, to learn to discern the difference between how you feel when you’re not amplifying another’s energy and how you feel as yourself. That said, the sleeping alone suggestion is just that, a suggestion as something you can experiment with as you’re experimenting with your design. Another thing you need to know is that sleep charts are different from awake charts, because we are not affected by the neurtrino stream in the same way when we’re lying down as when we’re upright. You could possibly have a Projector’s design when you’re sleeping, or be more undefined in your centers than your Projector husband. The point of knowing about Human Design is to differentiate the mind’s processes from how your physical existence is naturally set up to operate. Your mind often tries to run the show, and that throws your body’s function, direction, discernment and wisdom out of kilter. Along with that, there are ways that we are influenced by others that may not be fully conscious to us, and that keeps us from living optimally and authentically as we were designed to do. The result is undue stress and suffering that keeps us from our full potential. By following your strategy and your decision making authority, your mind has something to work with to evolve into the observer of your experience rather than the controller. The only way that you will know if HDS has validity for you is to begin your experiment. You are welcome to contact me at if you want more information.

    • Sandy,

      Thank you for your reply.


      I slept and spent significant time alone for 14 years, before I met and married my twin flame husband, and he spent 7 years sleeping alone and spending time alone. So yes, we’re well acquainted with how we feel when we’re not amplifying another’s energy and how we feel as ourselves. 🙂


      As I said, this does not apply to Twin Flames. At least not any of the twin flames we know. Twin flames *must* be together, during both waking hours and while asleep. It’s built into our soul’s design, which trumps “human design.” So no, it will not be something we will be experimenting with, ever. Thank you for the “suggestion.” (It was not put to us as a “suggestion” in the healing session I spoke of earlier, but more of a command, as if we had no choice or else we’d suffer terribly. For twin flames, we suffer terribly if we’re apart — including while we sleep.)

      I’d hoped to learn more about this “technique” for being able to sleep together that you had spoken of on this site, but apparently it’s hidden deep in the archives, I take it? Possibly irretrievable? I was just curious, because as I say, the description the aforementioned healer gave us of the Projector *perfectly and totally* describes me, but she said I’m a Generator, according to my birth time/chart. Seeing that my twin flame and I are two parts of the same soul, we mirror each other, so being so different as Generators and Projectors are described doesn’t make sense. Then again, I have *never* fit the standard descriptions of any so-called system — astrology, numerology, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc. I am the exception to every rule, it seems. 🙂

      Again, thank you for your response. Maybe my comments here will spark a discussion on the subject, from others who may have a similar twin flame experience.

    • Karen,

      You bring up an interesting point about twin flames. And if you were so inclined to study Human Design you might discover some interesting insights that others have not yet touched upon. The foundation of Human Design is to understand your uniqueness as a human being operating in the physical world. So I understand how you may be frustrated with its perspective. You may be interested in an approach to Human Design that takes into account the multi-dimensionality of the human experience. Eleanor Haspel-Portner at may be interesting to you.

      To address your search for guidance on sleeping… basically if you spend regular time apart from the other or have differing schedules, like if one of you is a night owl and one of you goes to bed earlier, then you aren’t conditioning each other as much. And therefore you may have better sleep as a result. We all amplify each others energies through our openness (the white areas in your chart)… amplifying meaning that we feel them very strongly, sometimes not recognizing them as not our own. And we amplify the cosmic energies through the astrological transits etc… It’s what makes us mutable and also what makes us wise and empathic about others. The twin flame experience may be different in this respect. You would have to tease that out for yourself.

      With regard to you feeling like you are more a Projector than a Generator, it very well could be that you are. The energy type categories were an overlay to the original transmission of the chart. Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) started using type and strategy as a shorthand way of getting people to understand how to operate correctly in the world. It can be useful to jumpstart your awareness, but your chart is way more detailed than what can be described by this category. I have worked with Generators who have a lot of projected themes in their gates and channels, and who have other factors around the way that they relate to their design which makes them feel like they are not Generators. It’s impossible to tell without an in-depth look at who you are as an individual and how you’re living out your potentials in relation to that. Also, according to some of the things I understand from Eleanor Haspel-Portner’s work, if you are focused on working in the spiritual realm more so than the physical, you may indeed be operating off of another design.

      The fact that you are working hard to try and reconcile this new information with what you already know is a sign that there may be something here for you. I wish you the best in your Human Design journey.


    • In follow up to your reply, my husband and I were told by a Human Design System Coach that he is a Projector and I’m a Generator, based on our charts. She took our birth information and determined our charts from that. However, as I told her at the time, she was describing me PERFECTLY when she was giving my husband the description of him (supposedly) being a Projector. And as I said, I felt crushed when she said we needed to sleep apart one or two nights a week.

      For any Twin Flames reading this, you understand what this means. Akin to being told you must rip your body in half and make one half sleep in another room. The mere thought is too painful to bear. (And if you disagree, you might want to reconsider whether you’re truly a Twin Flame.)

      Every Twin Flame journey is different, so how they interpret and use Human Design should be as well. I had so hoped to find the information promised here: “The best advice is to sleep alone.  What if you don’t want to sleep alone.  Well I’ve found some ways where it is possible to sleep with a Generator which I’m going to share in the next Projector Empowerment Call on September 5th 2013.”

      Since I could not, I will do my best to forget this very painful issue. 😥

    • Hi Karen,

      As mentioned in my last response, if you are suffering because you can’t sleep apart, this best advice is to try varying your schedules so you are not in each other’s auric fields all the time. That is the gist of what was said in that old recording that can’t be found.

      I am not the twin flame expert. You would have to explore Human Design in this context for yourself to make your own discoveries. You are the only one who can be your own authority on this or any matter that concerns your physical body. The point of Human Design is not to tell you what you can and cannot do with your body. It is to give you a framework for self observation of who you are as an individual. As this may not be the twin flame experience, we may be talking apples and oranges here.

      Best wishes,

  2. I thank you so much for special invitation which directly gives me a certain level of psychological security. I would love to learn and share about HDS as much as I can.
    Best regards,
    From South Korea

  3. Hi I was wondering what age group projectors are currently signed up with you. What are the youngest projectors u have?

    • Hi Kaya,

      Right now the groups are geared toward adults who are at least 20 or older. I do work with teenager individually with the permission of their parents, but not in these groups. Thank you for your question.


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